Chapter 2: Getting to 2020: Goals and Indicators Add to Collection

Goal 12: A sufficient supply of all scales and types of on-farm and commercial storage, aggregation, telecommunications, and distribution services will be available to meet the needs of increasing year-round food production and consumer demand. Add to Collection

The consolidation and concentration of processing, distribution, and retailing over the past 25 years has made it difficult for small and medium-sized farms and food enterprises to gain access to traditional retail markets and expand their businesses. Given the scale limitations of Vermont agriculture, competing in a volume-oriented, low-cost environment is extremely challenging. Increasing Vermont producers’ access to all types of local and regional grocery stores, restaurants and institutions– where the large majority of food is purchased–is a necessary precursor to significantly expanding the consumption of locally grown products.

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Performance Measurement: To increase the capacity of Vermont’s food distribution system to serve more farms and value-added food businesses, and reach additional market outlets.