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Food Export Intern (Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets)

Organization Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets
Location 116 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620

Food Export Internship: Resume & Cover Letter due July 28

Term of Program: Calendar Year 2017

Activity Code: G17EIP

Contact: Lauren Masseria,, 803.505.5413

The State of Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets seeks an intern to support the work

completed in partnership with Food Export Northeast. Each intern’s efforts shall be limited to

supporting Food Export’s Market Access Program (MAP) export programs. The goal shall be to assist the

Food Export Northeast standard performance measures for the State of Vermont. The State will work

directly with the intern to outline a scope of work relevant and in support of the MAP export program.

The Intern may not perform activity management for the State, replace staff currently implementing the

same activity, or perform activities unrelated to value-added food and agricultural export promotion.

Food Export Northeast will contract directly with a student for the purpose of assisting each member

state agricultural promotion agency implement activities that will increase the State’s achievement of

the standard performance measures for the State.

Scope of Work

Database Primary Tasks:

• Assist with updating State and Food Export databases of companies. Responsibilities may

include creating new profiles, updating data, and identifying companies that are no longer in


• Encourage companies to log into their NetForum profiles and update their information.

• Facilitate the process of online product catalog participants in uploading of photos and product

descriptions to the system.

Digital & Print Media Primary Tasks:

• Collect information for State and Food Export newsletters and websites.

• Utilization of diverse communication channels to promote and recruit companies to participate

in ongoing and event-based State and Food Export services.

• Promote Food Export/State events using social media. Compose tweets/Facebook posts with

links to relevant articles, pictures and/or Food Export event registration pages.

• Serve as a Food Export contact to the Communication officers and the state agencies to provide

information about Food Export activities that can be used throughout their print, digital, and

social channels

• Conduct research and create reports on products or markets that are related to state company

interests. Such reports can be uploaded to Food Export and state websites.

Customized Communication Primary Tasks:

• Hold one-on-one discussions with companies about exporting opportunities and available


• Collect evaluation forms from companies that have participated in Food Export activities.

• Work with Food Export staff to generate cross promotion plans

Stories Primary Tasks:

•Generate Success Stories from companies that have participated in Food Export activities. Theprimary focus will be updating stories already completed in the past three years for follow-up.Secondary focus would be new success stories derived from new leads. 3 success stories duringthe internship.

•Generate Stories that focus on the state or a Food Export activity.

Seminars/Events Primary Tasks:

•Assist in recruiting, organizing, planning, and executing State and Food Export Seminars.

•Complete a blog summarizing state seminars/events

Education Primary Tasks:

•Participate in intern training activities including relevant webinars, informational calls with FoodExport Staff, meetings with the intern supervisor, or any other activity that will enhance theskills and experience of the intern.

•Assist Food Export and the State with creation of training videos on how to utilize Food Exportprograms and Services. Training videos can be focused on 1 program or service or on working allprograms into a strategy for optimal results. Training videos may also be created to helpeducate suppliers how to navigate Food Export technology or to help interns better understandhow the programs and services work together.

Special Projects:

•New and special projects are often undertaken by Food Export and by the state agency in whichassistance is needed. The responsibilities of the intern would be to work with Food Export,International Marketing Program and/or state agency to provide input on a work plan for theproject and to provide the assistance required and assigned.

Program Requirements

Qualifications & Selection:

Selected Intern must be a student enrolled in a degree program. Must be a U.S. citizen or have a visa that permits the individual to work. Degree program must be related to agriculture, natural resource planning, land use and regional planning, or related field.

Term of Internship:

An intern is defined as any individual matriculating towards a college degree. The intern must have begun work under this program at least six months prior to the graduation and may continue to be employed as an intern for up to one year after graduation. Contracts are not to extend beyond the calendar year. Any extension beyond the calendar year is considered a new program. Renewal will not be granted without the express permission of the state representative and the submission of a contract renewal form. If a contract renewal is not provided, the internship is finished upon completion of the contract’s terms, or that respective calendar year.


Food Export Northeast shall contract directly with the individual recommended by the State. The individual shall be an independent contractor and shall complete a W-9 Form. Contracts will not be signed with companies.

In-state travel:

Company visits or assisting at a seminar may require travel within the state. Such travel must be pre-approved by Food Export Midwest/Food Export Northeast. Total travel costs will not exceed 10% of the total contracted amount.


The Intern/Contractor shall participate in a series of telephone conference calls, pre-recorded webinars, and/or Internet training sessions.


The State shall monitor the Intern/Contractor’s activities in relation to the scope of work and sign off on the Intern/Contractor’s invoices and activity/progress reports prior to submission to Food Export Northeast.


The State shall supervise the Intern/Contractor on-site. The intern/Contractor works at the State’s offices under direct supervision by the State at all times. Under no circumstances may the Intern work remotely without direct supervision.


The Intern/Contractor shall submit an activity/progress report with each invoice to Food Food Export Northeast.


The primary evaluation criterion for the program will be the program’s contribution to changes in Food Export Northeast standard performance measures for the State:

•Number of generic and branded program participants in Food Export Northeast programs.

•Number of companies that inquire about Food Export Northeast programs.

•Number of companies in Food Export Northeast database.

•Number of new companies added to the Food Export Northeast database.

•Actual increase in export sales.

•First-time export sales in market.

•Projected increase in export sales.

•Contacts with new buyers.

•New distributorships established.

•Number of companies with sales increases more than 20 percent.

•The baseline will be the State’s 2017 performance measures.

Reimbursement Procedures


The Intern/Contractor shall submit a bi-weekly invoice on the 1st and 15th of each month that includes the following: activity code; unique invoice number; period of claim; contractor’s name and address; and hours, rate, and total fee; grand total amount. The invoice shall be accompanied by any back-up

documentation and an activity/progress report covering the period of the invoice. The invoice and progress report shall be signed by the State prior to submission to Food Export Northeast.

Travel Expenses:

The Intern/Contractor must have all travel pre-approved by the Intern Program Coordinator. Upon completion of the trip, the Intern/Contractor must submit a Trip Report form and a Travel and Expense Report form for any pre-approved in-state travel. The expense report form shall have receipts and a or similar document verifying any mileage claims attached as documentation for the request. All expenses must comply with all relevant MAP Regulations.


Payment of reimbursement will be made within 30 days of receipt and acceptance of approved requests by Food Export Northeast. All expenses not detailed in the budget in the approved contract must be approved in advance in writing. All travel expenses will be limited to in-state travel, and must comply with Food Export Northeast travel policies and MAP regulations.

Food Export Northeast does not tolerate fraud and are vigilant in preventing fraud in any of our programs. Food Export does not discriminate, and we reserve the sole right to accept or deny companies into our programs. For complete participation policies and our code of ethics, visit:

Date Posted July 14th, 2017
Deadline July 28th, 2017
# of Positions Available 1
Categories Agriculture and culinary tourism, Local food directories, Other: Marketing, Regulatory authority, Marketing
Type Part Time
How to Apply Email Lauren Masseria

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