Communications and Marketing Community of Practice

The Communications and Marketing Community of Practice will provide communications, outreach, and marketing professional development and networking opportunities to staff in these types of positions at food businesses and food system non-profits, marketing consultants working in the farm and food sector, and food system technical assistance service providers. The purpose is to help support and amplify food system messages and break down communication silos to more effectively promote products, brands, and programs.

The task force plans to create a coordinated food systems communications and marketing community of practice for learning and leading with best practices. It will establish a "brain bank" that will create, among the community, familiarity with organizations and missions, connections and cross-pollination, and the ability for professionals working within the Vermont food system to ask communications and marketing related questions to best promote products and brands and get answers in real time. The task force will leverage digital technology (such as social media and the task force listserv) as well as in-person meetings to spark connections and ensure Farm to Plate Network members have easy-to-access and useful information for their needs.


Defining a Community of Practice Add to Collection

In the first meeting of Community of Practice organizers, we discussed the work and how we would approach and deliver it. In terms of who we are and what we want to do, network member Eric DeLuca offered this resource guide created by Iowa State University that defines and documents their efforts in creating a community of practice.

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