Rooted in Vermont

Rooted in Vermont is a grassroots change movement to increase consumer demand for local food. By celebrating all Vermonters’ connections to local food, Rooted in Vermont intends to create a movement that connects tradition, pride, community, trust, and equity to local food. Grassroots marketing efforts targeted towards Vermonters not already committed to the local food movement will aim to stimulate increased awareness, participation, and purchases in Vermont’s local food economy and help local food consumption become mainstream in the next 5-10 years.

The Rooted in Vermont Task Force is responsible for implementing the tactics in the Rooted in Vermont grassroots marketing plan. The task force is comprised of social media and public relations professionals, Vermont consumers, and outreach professionals at organizations committed to implementing Rooted in Vermont campaign tactics.

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Introducing the Rooted in Vermont Project Manager - Shane Rogers Add to Collection

Shane Rogers was recently hired to serve as Rooted in Vermont project manager. He will be working with Farm to Plate Network organizations and Vermont communities to shift the local food narrative through social media and traditional, grassroots organizing to be inclusive of the many ways Vermonters enjoy and acquire local food.

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Rooted in Vermont Brochure and Logos Available Add to Collection

The Rooted in Vermont logos (both with or without the hashtag) are available in all formats for download.
Rooted in Vermont brochure provides information about the value the Rooted in Vermont movement offers Vermont and how Vermonters, non-profits, businesses, and government can get involved.

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