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64 Main Street Suite 27
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

I eat local, healthy foods, and I also advocate for the same whenever possible.


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Jason Pugliese
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Hi, my name is Jason Pugliese. I'm the small business and marketing coach who founded The Holistic School of Business, which is based in Montpelier, Vermont. I also live in Montpelier, though I also like to spend time kicking around in Burlington, Vermont, with my son and with friends. I'm a single father of a 10 year year old and we have loads of fun together. I decided to become a member on this site because it's very important to me eat clean and healthy food. In fact, I totally cleaned up my food early in 2014 and I lost 75 pounds. Eating local foods, organic whenever possible, is very important to me. I'm happy to be a member of this site. Thanks for checking out my profile!


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