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Sheep and Pickle Farm Add to Collection
(802) 324-2039
542 Kibbee Rd
Brookfield, Vermont 05036

We raise grass-fed Finewool Crossbred sheep for meat and fiber. The excellent grass-fed lamb we produce offers a delicious local, sustainable alternative to feedlot-raised or imported lamb. The fine wool from our sheep is locally spun into high quality yarn, raising the profile of local fibers. Our sheep graze pasture at risk of growing into low-quality woodland, maintaining open land that provides critical habitat for many field species.


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Katie Sullivan
Owner (802) 324-2039 Add to Collection
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Sheep and Pickle Farm is a sheep farm and homestead located in Brookfield, VT. We raise Finewool Crossbred sheep for retail meat and fiber. We support our food needs on a homestead scale. Learn more about our farm at


  • Food Production
    • Lamb


Lamb, locker lamb, retail lamb