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Smokey House Center Add to Collection
426 Danby Mountain Road
Danby, Vermont 05739

Smokey House Center encompasses more than 5,000 acres of mostly conserved forest and farmland in Southern Vermont. Smokey House Center’s fundamental purpose is to maintain a working landscape that promotes sustainable agricultural and forestry practices while engaging people in meaningful ways. This includes providing educational programming that enables people to develop the skills needed to be productive and self-sufficient members of their communities.


Name Title Phone
Jesse Pyles
Executive Director 802.293.2300 Add to Collection


  • Food Production
    • Maple syrup
    • Support organization: Food Production
    • Other: Food Production
    • Vegetables
    • Berries
  • Education
    • General food system education
    • Support organization: Education
    • Other: Education


storage crops, root veggies, blueberries, maple syrup