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Vermont Department of Economic Development Add to Collection
1 National Life Drive Deane C. Davis Building
Montpelier, VT 05620

The Department of Economic Development facilitates assistance in areas including training, international trade, financing, government contracting and permitting to help all Vermont business utilize public and private sector programs and resources.


Name Title Phone
Faith Ingulsrud
Planning Coordinator (802) 828-5228 Add to Collection
Fred Kenney
Executive Director (802) 828-5256 Add to Collection
Cindy Blondin
Grants Specialist (802) 828-5219 Add to Collection
Beth Demers
Workforce Training Program Director (802) 828-1175 Add to Collection
John Adams
Economic Development Specialist (802) 828-0162 Add to Collection
Elaine Sopchak
(802) 505-1795 Add to Collection


  • Marketing
    • Agriculture and culinary tourism
    • Support organization: Marketing
  • Farm Inputs
    • Support organization: Farm Inputs
  • Food Production
    • Support organization: Food Production
  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Support organization: Food Processing or Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution or Storage
    • Support organization: Food Distribution or Storage
  • Retail Food Outlets
    • Support organization: Retail Food Outlets
  • Education
    • Support organization: Education
  • Workforce Development
    • Support organization: Workforce Development
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Access to capital
    • Accounting and taxes
    • Feasibility and planning
    • Human resources
    • Infrastructure
    • Marketing
    • Packaging and safety
    • Production / Processing technical assistance
    • Regulations and permits
    • Other: Business Planning and Technical Assistance
  • Financing Organizations
    • Equity
    • Grants
    • Loans / debt
    • Loan guarantees
    • Credits / incentives
    • Tax credits / incentives
  • Regulations and Public Policy


technical assistance, financing, government contracting, international trade, training, permitting, register your business, incentives, grants