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(802) 434-2000
52 Bridge Street PO Box 895
Richmond, VT 05477

Vermont Fresh Network farmer-chef partnerships have helped increase the amount of locally grown food served in restaurants and institutions across Vermont. A strong network of farmers, chefs, distributors and consumers delivers lasting and far-reaching benefits to our daily lives, our health, our communities and our environment.


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Meghan Sheradin
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Meghan Sheradin is the executive director of the Vermont Fresh Network. She has worked for VFN since 2003. Meghan has a diverse agricultural background, with extensive experience in direct marketing. Her B.S. is in Animal Science from Cornell University. She has a M.S. in Community Development and Applied Economics from the University of Vermont. She has also completed the Nonprofit Management Certification course at Champlain College. Meghan serves on the Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Council. She is a member of the Vermont Agriculture and Culinary Tourism Council. Her work links the Vermont's culinary arts with Vermont's agricultural bounty, an authentic expression of eating the landscape
Grace Meyer
Communications, Membership and Program Coordinator 802.434.2000 Add to Collection

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UVM food waste helps environment/Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf

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