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Cabot and UVM Seeking Applications for Cabot Community Business Marketing Challenge

For the third year, Cabot Creamery Cooperative is providing a real-life marketing experience in a learning environment by sponsoring a marketing course at the University of Vermont. Students in this class will be teamed with local businesses to write a marketing plan, with potential to receive funding for implementation of this plan during the second semester.

The course will be taught by UVM faculty David Conner and Kate Finley Woodruff of the Development and Applied Economics, and supported by the Cabot marketing team.

They are currently seeking applications from businesses interested in this unique opportunity. In general, established companies with fewer than 20 employees, who are willing to interact frequently with the Burlington-based class, will be the best fit. We encourage you to apply!

Please note that participation in this class requires attending class meetings approximately 2-3 times per semester, a weekly meeting or check-in with students, and a willingness to share materials developed in the class (e.g., marketing plans, promotional materials, outcomes of marketing efforts) with the public.

Deadline for applications are August 10, 2013.

You may contact David Conner or Kate Finley Woodruff for applications or questions at

Email: David Conner at or Kate Finley Woodruff at

David voice: 802-656-1965

Kate voice: 802-244-6242