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Colleen Leonard Joins VACC as New Agricultural Loan Officer

The Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation (VACC), a program of the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA), welcomes a new Agricultural Loan Officer, Colleen Leonard of Barton.  “We are so pleased to have Colleen Leonard join our experienced VACC team,” said Sarah Isham, VACC’s Senior Agricultural Loan Officer.  “Colleen has a long history of working in the agricultural industry both with UVM Extension and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture." 

VACC is a nonprofit corporation that provides credit to Vermont farmers, agricultural facilities, forestry and forest product-based businesses.  VACC and VEDA work together to help agricultural businesses secure the necessary financing for everything from startup to expansion, product diversification, marketing and processing of Vermont agricultural and forestry products, and agricultural energy efficiency improvements.  “I would encourage those interested in applying for VACC financing to contact one of our Loan Officers to discuss their project,” said Isham.  Learn more at, or by calling toll-fee 1-866-828-FARM(3276). 

VACC’s Staff Members:

Sarah Isham, Sr. Loan Officer
Jamison Kimberly, Loan Officer
Alan Curler, Loan Officer
Andy Wood, Loan Officer
Chris Anderson, Loan Officer
Colleen Leonard, Loan Officer  
Margaret Baird, Agricultural Loan Program Administrator
Ann Miller, Agricultural Loan Assistant
Melanie Scott, Federal Loan Program Specialist