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Conservation Innovation Grant Proposals for Water Quality in Vermont Due June 3

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) State Conservationist Vicky Drew announced a call for proposals through the competitive Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program.

USDA-NRCS in Vermont will invest up to a total of $225,000 for projects that spark the development and adoption of innovative conservation technologies and approaches that address water quality.

CIG will fund single and multi-year projects, not to exceed 3 years, with an anticipated project start date of September 1, 2017. Funds will be awarded through a nationwide competitive grants process. The maximum award amount for any project will not exceed $75,000 in fiscal year 2017. Multi-state proposals will not be considered under this State CIG option. American Indian tribes, state and local units of government, non-governmental organizations and individuals are eligible to submit proposals.

The topics listed below have been identified as priority water quality areas for consideration and funding under the Vermont CIG in 2017:

  • Demonstration and evaluation of a constructed wetland for drainage water treatment;
  • Demonstration of two-stage ditch systems on agricultural lands;
  • Wetlands restoration demonstration and monitoring project; and
  • Wetlands ecosystem services economic valuation

Potential applicants should review the announcement for program funding offsite link image     available on offsite link image    . Proposals are due in the Vermont NRCS office, 356 Mountain View Drive, Suite 105, Colchester, Vermont, by June 3, 2017, 4 p.m.

For more information about CIG in Vermont, email or visit offsite link image    .