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GMP, EnSave, and Efficiency Vermont to Help Vermont Farmers in Legacy CVPS Territory Through a CEED Ag Direct Install Program

Due to the merger of Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) and Green Mountain Power (GMP) a Community Energy and Efficiency Development (CEED) Fund was created.  Under the CEED Fund, GMP will invest in projects intended to result in energy savings for customers within the legacy CVPS service territory.

GMP, EnSave, and Efficiency Vermont have partnered together to help Vermont farmers in legacy CVPS territory through a CEED Ag Direct Install Program.  Dairy farms, livestock farms, greenhouse operations, maple producers, and other agricultural operations are eligible.  This program will reach out to 80 farms in 2013.  All of the legacy CVPS territory will be served; however, there will be a special focus in Addison, Franklin, and Caledonia counties, due to the large number of farms in those areas.

The CEED Ag Direct Install Program includes a free visit to the participating farm.  At this visit, EnSave staff will install or give compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and engine block heater timers at no cost to the farmer.

In addition to the free CFLs and timers, during the visit EnSave staff will identify energy efficiency opportunities (for example lighting, refrigeration, motors, etc.) at the farm.  Some of these improvements may be eligible for Efficiency Vermont rebates.  If so, EnSave staff will highlight the rebate and provide the appropriate rebate form(s) to the farmer.  Custom projects and rebates can also be assessed for equipment not listed on a rebate form.  In addition to rebates, Efficiency Vermont may also be able to provide loan assistance to help cover the cost of the energy efficiency project.

EnSave has a preliminary list of farms in the legacy CVPS territory and will begin contacting farms in the coming weeks.  If you know of a farmer in the legacy CVPS territory that might be interested in the new program, please share this information with him/her.  If interested, the farmer can call EnSave at 800-732-1399 to verify eligibility and set up a visit.

If you or a farmer has any questions about CEED programs or energy efficiency in general, please contact Efficiency Vermont at 888-921-5590.