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Hunger Mountain Coop Celebrates International Co-op Day


On Saturday, July 4th, co-ops in Vermont and around the world celebratedInternational Co-op Day. This year’s theme, “Choose Co-operative, Choose Equality,” highlights the contribution of co-operative businesses to more fair, equitable, and participatory communities.

Celebrated on the first Saturday in July, International Co-op Day joins Independence Day in offering a unique opportunity to celebrate our democratic values. Based on the principle of one member one vote, co-operative enterprises reflect American ideals of democracy, self-help, self-responsibility, and social responsibility. Co-ops focus on goals identified by their members and on meeting member needs, rather than maximizing profit.

With over 7,650 Member-Owners, Hunger Mountain Coop is a community-owned business that offers healthy food, supports local producers, and provides sustainable jobs. During FY14, Coop Member-Owners and shoppers supported $7.3 million in local product sales, $7.4 million in goods and services from Vermont vendors, 501 Vermont-based vendors, and 160 employees making at least the Vermont Livable Wage. During that same time period, The Coop’s Community Giving Program provided over $40,000 in donations, sponsorships, and grants, and $45,000 worth of healthy food to neighbors in need through The Coop’s Annual Holiday Grocery Pack charity event.

“Many of the trends in our food system and our overall economy are not positive,” said Kari Bradley, General Manager of Hunger Mountain Coop. “Now more than ever, we need strong cooperatives to serve our communities and the values we hold dear.”   

In recognition of International Co-op Day, Hunger Mountain Coop is encouraging our community to learn more about how Vermont co-ops are building a better world, together.