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Localvore releases new mobile app “Localvore Passport” that pays it forward

BURLINGTON, VT – Localvore, Inc., a Burlington-based technology and mission-driven media company, has helped connect thousands of local food lovers with deals that both save them money and support local food businesses, who in turn are supporting the farmers and producers in the region. Localvore just launched a new way to save with a mobile app called Localvore Passport. “The Passport” is curated by locals to help food lovers discover new businesses in Vermont and create loyalty so patrons can support their favorite businesses more often while saving money. 

Localvore co-founder and CEO Dan White states how the company is moving into a new era, “With the Passport app, Localvore as a company is moving into the consumer subscription economy. Subscription companies are growing nine times faster than the S&P 500 so companies like Netflix and Spotify are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s been an entire decade since the ‘Daily Deal’ model emerged, and it’s time to move forward and add value to our entire marketplace.”

In its opening month, the app is boasting over 35 businesses and over 40 offers with some obvious winners such as “$20 off your meal at A Single Pebble in support of Vermont Works for Women.”

“Localvore is a very unique platform; it connects business and consumers with their common community interest,” said Chiuho Sampson, executive chef and owner of The Single Pebble. “Our past partnership experience also proves Localvore has the ability to draw an intense, focused attention through their presence in social media and technology.” 

This one deal alone would pay for two months of the app’s subscription fee, and White doesn’t forget to remind us that, “Our founding purpose was not to only be about helping consumers save money, but also to use these incentives to create a positive impact in the local economy. This opportunity allows customers to subscribe and use all the deals while supporting a fantastic non-profit.” 

Local chefs and restaurant owners agree that the Localvore Passport helps make an important connection between restaurants, patrons and the surrounding communities.

“Vermont Works for Women’s mission always connected with me deeply,” said Sampson. “I think it is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness in the community for supporting Women in Entrepreneurship and the workforce.”

That’s not the only charitable component of the Localvore Passport app. $1 per month from each $9.95 per month subscription supports local food-based charities. The inaugural charitable partner is the Intervale Center, whose mission is to strengthen community food systems. Founded in 1988, the Intervale Center manages a 360-acre campus of farmland, trails and open space along the Winooski River in Burlington, VT.


To see the latest offers and learn more about the Localvore Passport, download the app for free at