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New Delivery Sites for Fresh, Local Food in Burlington and Barre

For families seeking farm-fresh, delicious local food, shopping has never been easier.  Farmers To You, a Vermont-based company, combines the ease and convenience of online grocery shopping with the quality of fresh, seasonal food from the farmer’s market. They've recently launched sites in Burlington and at their headquarters in Barre.
On the company’s new website, consumers customize their weekly order – selecting from fresh produce, dairy, eggs, fruit, nuts, grains, meat, fish, jams, baked goods and other prepared foods – and pick up their pre-packed, reuseable tote bags filled with food at a site a few days later. It is just like shopping at the grocery store or the farmer’s market except online: customers choose whatever products they want in the quantities they desire. The redesigned site makes it easier to find new products, view frequently ordered products, browse weekly menus, and order from mobile devices or desktop computers.
Farmers To You is the brainchild of Calais-based Greg Georgaklis, who has worked in horticulture his whole life and holds degrees from the University of Vermont and Boston College. By buying from Farmers To You, Georgaklis says, consumers support farmers by creating consistent and reliable demand. “The CSA model and the farmers market model are wonderful, but they really do require the farmer to do a lot of extra work,” says Georgaklis. By sourcing, collecting and delivering the food, Farmers To You “lets the farmers stay on the farm doing what they do best.”
In addition to providing outstanding fresh food, Farmers To You gives families and farmers a direct connection that is based on mutual support. The innovative approach and business model builds stronger communities in for shoppers and farmers. As a result, this unique partnership is having a positive influence on physical, environmental, and community health.
Farmers To You has no up-front fees or memberships. Instead, customers pledge to order $40 worth of food per week.  “Consistent ordering on each family’s part is critical for consistent production on the farmers’ part,” says Georgaklis. Customers are not required to order the same food each week, and are able to suspend orders as often as they wish.
In addition to the 2 new Vermont sites, Farmers To You has been serving nearly 20 convenient pick up sites in the Boston area for the past 6 years. 

Farmers to You partners with about 65 growers and food producers, nearly 80 percent of them in Vermont. Throughout the year, Farmers To You offers consumers a wide range of seasonal produce and specialty foods. Even in the depths of winter, cooks can choose from hundreds of fresh products from regional farmers and food producers.
Here is what some customers – or “Partner Families,” as Farmers To You calls them -- are saying about Farmers To You:
“I love being part of a larger movement…I love that this connects us to a community that is larger than we are.”
“Farmers To You has changed the way we eat. We cannot live without this.”
“So much choice.  Chocolate to fish and dairy…I mean wow!”
“I like that when I shop Farmers To You, I don't have to think about what is good for me, for the planet, and all that because with FTY I know it is ALL good.”
To sign up, go to and click on "Sign Up"