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New On-Farm Slaughter provisions are in effect!

The VAAFM website and materials for On-Farm Slaughter are currently not updated, neither are the statute pages for the State - so this is likely the only current resource detailing for farmers and others how to participate legally in the process of on-farm slaughter.

Significant changes were made this year, including: 
* allowing multiple owners of a single animal
* carcasses can be halved or quartered
* the sunset was extended to 2023

We hope this is helpful for the farming communities you all work with and would appreciate it if you'd be willing to share it with your memberships.  The Legislature has put a 2023 sunset on the current exemption and is suggesting that if they do not see better compliance with paperwork (evidence that the law is being used and followed) they may allow the exemption to sunset. It's important that people understand this potential consequence, and either fill out the paperwork or let Rural Vermont, or the greater agricultural advocacy community, know why they feel the paperwork is inappropriate.