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New Shipping Law for VT Breweries

recent story by Kyle Midura for WCAX highlights the 2013 Vermont Brewer's Festival, and the excitement behind a new law that will allow Vermont brewers to ship their products. (This was one of the strategies identified for improving the business landscape for Vermont's brewers in Chapter 3, Section 3: Food Production - Hops and Beer, of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan, and for meeting Goal 23.) 

"Earlier this year, Governor Peter Shumlin signed a bill allowing producers to ship beer within and outside of Vermont. The measure took effect earlier this month, though no brewery is taking advantage yet.

'We've won awards for the best beers in the world. It's a bright jobs opportunity for Vermont, and I want to help to continue to grow it,' Shumlin said.

Even with all the beer on tap at the festival, the line for Lawson's Finest Liquids extended more than 100 yards throughout the day. Owner Sean Lawson says they can barely meet demand in a few counties, but could start shipping across the country next year.

Single bottles of the beer can sell for more than $50 on the black market.

'If people are going to pay that much money for one bottle of beer, we would really like to use it as a vehicle to raise money for a non-profit,' Lawson said.

If and when that happens, word of Vermont's award-winning brews will only spread faster."

Read the article and watch the video here.