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Quebec issue of Vermont's Local Banquet

In the current issue of Vermont's Local Banquet, we take a special look at Quebec and how the region to our north is helping make a regional food system possible. A handful of successful Vermont farmers have forged solid relationships with Quebec growers, allowing for even greater diversity in what we call "local food." We introduce you to those relationships, plus we tell you what it's like to market and export Vermont food to Quebec. Plus, we profile a Quebec farmer who is making serious profit on just a one-acre vegetable farm. And we tell you all about poutine - a Quebec food classic.

Keep an eye out for Vermont's Local Banquet at food co-ops, winter farmers' markets, and select restaurants today! 

Vermont's Local Banquet Magazine is a quarterly publication that illuminates the connections between local food and Vermont communities. Our stories, interviews, and essays reveal how Vermont residents are building their local food systems, how farmers are faring in a time of great opportunity and challenge, and how Vermont's agricultural landscape is changing as the localvore movement shapes what is grown and raised here.