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Rural Vermont Nears Milestone 1,000 Member Goal: Board of Directors Offer “Eat Like a Farmer” Promotion to Close the Gap

Rural Vermont Nears Milestone 1,000 Member Goal:
Board of Directors Offer “Eat Like a Farmer” Promotion to Close the Gap

Rural Vermont is celebrating its 30th Anniversary of amplifying the voices of farmers and advocating for a fair food system. And for the first time in its history, Rural Vermont is nearing 1,000 members strong! Rural Vermont’s all-farmer Board of Directors is helping to narrow the gap by putting an incredible offer on the table (quite literally!). The “Eat Like a Farmer” promotion runs through November 22nd and enters anyone who makes a minimum $5 contribution to Rural Vermont into a drawing to win a stockpile of fresh, frozen, and fermented foods that were grown, raised, and made by Rural Vermont’s Board of Directors.

Rural Vermont’s Board is made up of twelve small, sustainable, regenerative farms that strive to build healthy soils, raise livestock humanely, maintain strong relationships with their local communities, and produce some of the most wholesome and delicious foods available anywhere. They come from as far north as Franklin County, and as far south as the Springfield and Rutland areas.

Here’s what inspires some of them to farm the way they do, as well as their favorite ways to “eat like a farmer”:

Hayden Boska of Diggers’ Mirth Collective, Burlington – Hayden was drawn to farming because of her commitment to healthy communities, and believes that by teaching good farm practices and sharing wholesome foods, we’re fostering the growth of healthier communities. Hayden’s favorite time of year to “eat like a farmer” is between August and September when the best of her summer and fall crops are available – everything from tomatoes, to eggplants, watermelon, and spinach.

Kalyn Campbell of Family Cow Farmstand in Hinesburg – Kalyn has been passionate about farming since her college days. She is inspired by a desire to provide good, healthy food for people. One of Kalyn’s favorite ways to “eat like a farmer” is to make cream of tomato soup, with tomatoes grown on her farm and cream from her own cows. Learn more at

Katherine Fanelli & Peter Burmeister, Burelli Farm in Berlin – For Peter, his deep love and connection to the land and his livestock is what moves him to farm organically. Peter and Katherine believe in the idea of “eating well” and aim to promote that idea by providing the same wholesome, organic foods they love to their community. Peter and Katherine “eat like farmers” every day and enjoy well roasted organically grown chickens, beef stew, homemade bacon, and pulled pork – all made from their own livestock. More info at

Susan & Ryan Hayes of the Farm of Milk & Honey, Hyde Park – Susan and Ryan find that farming is the most fulfilling and rewarding way of life. A deep connection to the natural world and interaction with their community is what inspires Susan and Ryan to be good stewards of the land, raising quality organic meats and honey. Susan and Ryan “eat like farmers” at just about every meal; often starting the day with bacon and eggs from their own pigs and chickens, cooked in cultured butter from a friend’s farm. Learn more at

Lisa McCrory of Earthwise Farm & Forest in Bethel – It’s  not only important to Lisa McCrory that she know where her food comes from, but that she be part of the process that brings food from the earth to her table. Lisa farms because it provides not only sustenance for herself but also for her community, and she appreciates being able to provide the same wholesome ingredients to her neighbors as she does herself. Lisa “eats like a farmer” every day – and especially enjoys roast chicken with garlic, onions, potatoes, beets, and carrots – all produced right there at Earthwise Farm & Forest. Learn more at

Lisa & Randy Robar of Kiss the Cow Farm in Barnard – He wants to grow and sell healthy food to his friends and neighbors, and it’s this community that inspires him to continue farming. “It’s so much work and so little money, but enough folks keep buying our products and thanking us for being here. That keeps us going.” Randy too “eats like a farmer” every day – whatever they don’t raise themselves, they source from friends and neighbors, so every meal is a good one! For more info, find Kiss the Cow Farm on Facebook.

Graham Unangst-Rufenacht of Plainfield – As for Graham, he focuses on the educational and community building aspects of rural agriculture. Graham brings a diverse set of skills and knowledge together in the hopes of educating communities and providing resources, support, and practical skills in order to put good, wholesome food on everyone’s table. One of Graham’s favorite ways to “eat like a farmer” is slow-cooked pot roast with wild mushrooms and mixed vegetable ferments.

Want to eat like Rural Vermont’s Board of Directors? Make a contribution of at least $5 to Rural Vermont and be entered to “Eat Like a Farmer”! One lucky winner will be drawn on November 22nd at Rural Vermont’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Finale. It starts at 7pm at the Bethel Town Hall, and there is a $10 admission. The program will include farmer storytelling with special musical guests Patti Casey, Colin McCaffrey, and Pete Sutherland, and a cash bar by Black Krim Tavern. More info and RSVP at or (802) 223-7222.

Since 1985, Rural Vermont has used education, organizing, and advocacy to create scale-appropriate, commonsense public policy that helps rather than hurts our family farms and preserves Vermont’s cultural heritage of neighbors feeding neighbors. Share this vision? Stay informed and get active by signing up for Rural Vermont’s mailing list. Better yet, build our people power and join Rural Vermont today!