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Spread the Word - 2014 Governor's Institute on Farms, Food and Your Future

July 20-26, 2014

Vermont Technical College

Randolph, VT

The second GIV Special Topics Institute on food system issues explores the science, economics, policy, sociology and downright yumminess of everything we eat.  Come learn from scholars and professionals in the agricultural, culinary, scientific, business and activism fields during this brand-new residential Institute at Vermont Technical College in summer 2014.

At this Institute, you’ll:

  • Study working models of sustainable food production onsite with Vermont food systems leaders including Vermont Technical College, Sterling College and New England Culinary Institute.
  • Interact with local entrepreneurs who are changing Vermont’s edible and economic landscape;
  • Get hands on with food production at every stage from farm to plate;
  • Explore the ways that food shapes cultures, societies, environments, and economics;
  • Debate the pros and cons of local, national and global food policies; and
  • Learn about trends and technologies that will change the way our world eats in the coming decades.

Vermont’s Farm to Plate Network leaders will be your mentors and guides as we explore where food comes from, dive in depth into the many technical, social and personal questions surrounding food and food systems, and develop realistic future scenarios for Vermont’s edible future.  A comprehensive look at food and Vermont’s economy, this interdisciplinary Institute gives students who care about food, economics, socially responsible businesses, public health, or the environment the opportunity to take their creativity and expertise to the next level.