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State Releases Map of Food Businesses and Food Rescue, Recycling, & Composting Sites


July 17, 2014

Contact:         Josh Kelly, DEC Solid Waste Program

Phone:            802-522-5897





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MONTPELIER – The Agency of Natural Resources announces the launch of its web-based “Universal Recycling Materials Management Map” (Materials Management Map). Following the passage of the Universal Recycling law in 2012, ensuring consistent recycling, food scrap, and waste services statewide by 2020, the map connects residents, businesses, and institutions with collection services and food rescue agencies, haulers, and composters with sources of quality food and food scraps. The map will provide the information needed to reduce waste and increase the development of infrastructure and systems to manage food waste for beneficial uses.

“Removing food scraps and other organic material from the waste stream is a high priority for Vermont,” said Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) Secretary Deb Markowitz. “These materials account for nearly 30% of what we throw out, wasting limited landfill space; and as the waste breaks down it produces greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.” Markowitz added that, “in order to make it easier for Vermont businesses and institutions to identify the alternatives that are available to them, the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) is now providing an easy-to-use tool to help connect food producing businesses and institutions with food rescue organizations, solid waste haulers and facility managers.” According to Markowitz, the map is also intended to connect users to recycling options and opportunities statewide as features are added.

Vermont’s Universal Recycling law bans all food scraps from landfills by July 1, 2020.  Larger generators of food scraps need to begin diverting these materials sooner if a certified facility—such as a permitted compost facility—is located within 20 miles. Recyclables (such as metal, glass, plastics #1 & #2, and paper/cardboard) are also banned from the landfill beginning July 1, 2015. The Materials Management Map allows users to find facilities that accept various materials for food rescue, recycling, composting, and disposal, such as food shelves, transfer stations and compost facilities. The map also displays businesses and institutions that generate food scraps (supermarkets, restaurants, schools, hospitals) as well as the local governments, known as the Solid Waste Management Entities, who can provide composting and recycling assistance to businesses and institutions at the local level                   

Follow this link to access the map and this link for a video tutorial of its key functions.

For more information about Universal Recycling, visit or contact your local solid waste management entity for assistance with recycling and composting. Follow ANR’s Solid Waste Program on Twitter, @VTrecycles.