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The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund announces Sarah Galbraith as program manager for the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative

Sarah Galbraith has been named the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative program manager at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF). She steps into the role previously held by Netaka White, who is launching a new oilseed and feed business.

Sarah will be responsible for administering small grants to support researchers and technical assistance providers who are advancing biofuel production in Vermont. Collaborating with key stakeholders in the program areas of grass thermal energy, oilseeds for fuel and feed, and algae for fuel and wastewater management, Sarah’s efforts will focus on advancing the commercialization of these products. Sarah will also coordinate bioenergy cross-over with the Vermont Farm to Plate Network by assisting farmers, facilities, and communities with resources and technical assistance that lead to energy crops being grown alongside food production. Prior to transitioning into the bioenergy management role at VSJF, Sarah supported Farm to Plate Network activities and contributed to several chapters of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan.

“The Vermont Bioenergy Initiative has been an incredible opportunity to work closely with a pioneering group of farmers, researchers and technical assistance providers at UVM Extension, share the work with colleagues in state government and our congressional delegation, and support the innovators and businesses people at the forefront of Vermont’s sustainable bioenergy sector,” comments White after serving in the bioenergy role at VSJF for the past five years. “I want to welcome Sarah Galbraith as the bioenergy program manager who will continue to assist those working at the intersection of diversified agriculture, renewable, and bioenergy production in Vermont and strengthen these efforts for mutual benefit.”

Sarah’s experience and knowledge base spans seven years of community-scale and locally-sourced biofuel work. Prior to working at VSJF, Sarah conducted bioenergy assessments at the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC). Sarah was a core member of the Vermont Fuels for Schools Initiative and contributed to BERC’s Vermont Wood Fuel Supply Study.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Eastern Connecticut State University and is a freelance outdoor sports writer. She lives in Marshfield, Vermont.


The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF) is a non-profit organization created by the Vermont Legislature in 1995 to accelerate the development of Vermont’s green economy. Through funding, technical assistance, and networking collaborations, VSJF is strengthening Vermont’s economy at the intersection of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and forest products. VSJF coordinates the Vermont Farm to Plate and Bioenergy Initiatives, the Vermont Agriculture Development Program, and is the fund manager of the VSJF Flexible Capital Fund. More information is available at