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Vegetable Starts Make it to the Community

Hundreds of veggie starts made it out to the community in early June thanks to Sarah Rosow (Guilford’s Farm to School Coordinator), Lilac Ridge Farm, and VT Hemp

It started early on a Wednesday morning, with Sarah distributing 6-packs of kale starts donated by Lilac Ridge Farm. Amanda Thurber of Lilac Ridge donates plants to Guilford Central School garden every spring. This year she had an abundance of kale plants and wanted to donate them. Sarah worked with her and Ali West (Brattleboro Town Food Service Director, Fresh Picks Cafe) to figure out how to distribute them. 10 trays/80 six-packs/640 plants ended up getting distributed to Guilford families with their normal school meal delivery. Families who don't get lunch delivered were invited to pick up plants from school.  

Amanda and Lilac Ridge Farm also had cabbage and tomato plants to donate and hope to do another distribution later in the month. Sarah shared planting instructions through the school’s Facebook page and in the school newsletter and plans to share recipes later. Anyone who wants to support Lilac Ridge Farm can buy plants or produce at their farmstand on Ames Hill Road.

In the afternoon, Jon and Harley from VT Hemp set-up shop in the Brattleboro Union High School parking lot to distribute a variety of veggie starts to the community. Community members, school gardeners, and various organizations stopped by to pick up the starts for the season! VT Hemp hopes to continue this program in the future with more veggie starts to come.

There’s a lot of gardening happening this summer. Want to get involved but don’t have space? Looking for advice from an experienced garden? Join Tara Gordon at one of Food Connects many open garden hours. It’s free for children and parents and art activities will accompany each session. Sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot!

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