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Vermont Farm to Plate Network Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed with New Advisory Board Video Series

MONTPELIER, VT – The Farm to Plate Network, managed by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF), just released a new video series to help raise awareness and use of advisory boards among Vermont entrepreneurs.

“Advisory boards help entrepreneurs optimize resilience and innovation for themselves and their businesses,” said Jake Claro, Farm to Plate director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund. “Individuals from over 15 organizations contributed to this project by investing time and energy into creating this important resource that can be accessed by business owners and service providers to help further the success of our farm and food businesses in the state.”

Once entrepreneurs establish an advisory board, they often report that they feel like they should have started one sooner. With the support of knowledgeable colleagues in an advisory board setting, business owners can better manage stress, solve tough problems, and make thoughtful strategic decisions that will help them grow sustainably, increase market share and access new markets.

“As small business leaders, we’re always learning something new about what’s working and what’s not working in our business,” said Eleanor Léger, co-founder of Eden Ciders. “This is another opportunity to learn new things that will help us be successful.”

Eric DeLuca of Leverage Point Consulting was instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. DeLuca is active in the design of the next 10 years of the Farm to Plate Network, and has served as the chairperson of the Farm to Plate Financing Cross-Cutting Team, as well as chaired multiple Task Forces focused on access to capital and support for producers and processors.

“Even before the pandemic, the risk of burnout for entrepreneurs was real and ever-present,” said DeLuca. “Advisory boards are an insurance policy against feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Having a group of trusted individuals focused on helping you frame and prioritize the decisions only you can make, and accompanying you on your journey can make all the difference in the world.”

The new resource can be accessed at In the coming months the Farm to Plate Network will roll out a series of webinars and virtual meetings to work with entrepreneurs, business-assistance service providers, and capital providers to maximize the use and understanding of the new advisory board video series.



Farm to Plate is Vermont’s statewide food system plan implemented by 350+ member organizations of the Farm to Plate Network to meet the goals of legislation passed in 2009 calling for increased economic development and jobs in the farm and food sector and improved access to healthy local food for all Vermonters. Vermont’s farm to plate food system plan is the most comprehensive in the country and the only state that has complete government engagement. In 2019, Vermont Farm to Plate was reauthorized beyond 2020. The program is managed by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, a nonprofit organization based in Montpelier, Vermont.