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Vermont Featured as Case Study in Meat Processing Report

Vermont's F2P Meat Processing Task Force is featured as a case study in a recent report by the Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network.

"In Vermont, and New England more generally, farmers, policymakers, and others believed that processing, along with Federal regulations around processing, were limiting local market opportunities for the region’s meat farmers. Two farming and food initiatives, one at the state level and one regional, kicked off efforts in 2009 with meat processing as a priority."

The report, titled From Convenience to Commitment: Securing the Long-term Viability of Local Meat and Poultry Processing, was written by Lauren Gwin of Oregon State University and Arion Thiboumery of Iowa State University and Lorenz Meats. The two are co-coordinators of the Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network.

Read the full report here.