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ViewBoost Vermont - An Exciting New iOS App Dedicated to Driving Vermont Tourism Launching Early 2014

By Roger Allbee, Co-Founder, ViewBoost

Brookline, Vermont. Not many people have ever heard of—or have ever seen-- the small farming town I grew up in, southern Vermont.

But ‘back in the day’ when travelers came upon Brookline, they stopped in at the Town Clerk’s office in the middle of town to ask about what to do around town.

Inevitably they met Minnie Marsh, our illustrious Town Clerk, who gladly shared information about swimming holes, shopping, hiking—and perhaps a few colorful stories. 

During my career in Vermont, I have been privileged to serve in many positions both inside and outside of government, most recently as Secretary of Agriculture for our state.  

One of my dreams while working for the State, was to find a way to develop and promote a vibrant and diverse tourism industry while capturing the unique charm and beauty of Vermont.

After several years of development, I am proud to announce the launch of ViewBoost Vermont. An exciting, new travel app that promotes all that Vermont has to offer – The New Age of Travel in the palm of your hand, if you will (I think Minnie would be proud!). 

I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how ViewBoost Vermont can help drive revenue, tourism and excitement to Vermont.