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You Can Help Manage Vermont’s Farm Surplus to Reduce Our Dependency on Food from Afar

Through the Vermont Commodity Program, Salvation Farms is packing large volumes of Vermont’s surplus crops, providing an alternative food source for institutions serving Vermont’s vulnerable; the young, the elderly, the sick, and the hungry.

Salvation Farms needs your help to expand our Vermont Commodity Program work at the Southeast State Correctional Facility, where we work side by side with an inmate crew to clean and pack surplus farm-fresh foods that would otherwise go to waste.

In just one year, more than 110,000 pounds, that is 55 tons, of potatoes, winter squash, apples, onions and carrots have been processed at the SESCF into case packs appropriate for integration into Vermont’s institutional and charitable/emergency food systems.

An online campaign has been launched to renovate a space at the SESCF to accommodate a greater volume and diversity of surplus crops. This renovation is necessary to handle crops in the most appropriate way, specific to crop needs, providing both the program and the inmate crew a workspace and vocational experience that operates at industry standards.

Visit their campaign page,

Watch the short 4 minute video, review the project budget, read partner quotes and make a contribution today. Your investment goes far beyond Salvation Farms; it affects communities and individuals across the state and is a direct statement that Vermont wants this program and partnership to be sustained for the future food independence of our state.

Your tax-deductible contribution made today will help Salvation Farms reach its goal of $40,000 by New Year’s Day. Of the $120,000 needed for this renovation project Salvation Farms has already raised $20,000. This campaign, when it meets its goal, will bring Salvation Farms half way to the finish line. Encourage others to give too.

For more information visit or contact Salvation Farms at 802-522-3148 or