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Governor Shumlin Announces 20 Grantees of Working Lands Enterprise

The Working Lands Enterprise Board announced the first round of grant recipients from the “Enterprise Investment Area” of the Working Lands Enterprise Fund.

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Do Flatlander Cows Count as Vermont-Raised Meat?

"On Saturday, LaPlatte River Angus Farm owner Jim Kleptz will travel to the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction to attend a cattle auction. For Kleptz, the semiannual event is the best place to secure the volume of steers he needs to meet the growing demand in Vermont for local beef.

Most of those cattle, which are between six months and a year and a half old, hail from Vermont farms. But others are coming from New York or New Hampshire and will be fattened up — aka “finished” — in Vermont before being slaughtered and sold as “local” meat."

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Fletcher Allen Hospital Wins Two Awards

Fletcher Allen Health Care’s food service program has won two awards, one for sustainable food procurement and the other honoring the executive chef.

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Brewmaster Shaun Hill in Vanity Fair Magazine

This candid interview gets at the deep thinking behind the best brewery in the world.

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Seven Days Article on Doug Davis

The Burlington School District's food service program is a national model for incorporating local food into school meals - while being financially self-sufficient and accessible to all students.

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Shipping Food by Wind-Powered Barge: A Low-Carbon Option

A Ferrisburgh farmer is building a wind-powered vessel to transport Vermont food products to New York City consumers.

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Maple Syrup Tourism: Part Nostalgia, Part Technology

Maple syrup production utilizes new technologies to improve efficiency, while catering to tourists looking for a nostalgic experience.

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Agriculture Majors Confident About Future

Agriculture science is increasingly popular among college students who see a broader choice of careers.

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Intervale Center Farms Program Accepting Applications for 2014

The Intervale Center is accepting applications for the Farms Program in 2014, due May 31, 2013.

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Green Mountain Coffee Strengthens Vermont's Food System

GMCR commits $340,000 to 12 nonprofits working on Vermont's food system.

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