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Great Story on 4 Corners Farm in West Newbury

VTDigger features a story on 4 Corners Farm, one of the largest fruit, vegetable, and berry growers in Vermont.

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Green Mountain Coffee and Starbucks Target International Market

Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee Roasters announced an expanded partnership with Starbucks late Wednesday, signaling a desire to expand sales of Starbucks-brand coffee packs tailored for the Waterbury firm’s trademark Keurig brewers.

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Citrus Disease With No Cure Is Ravaging Florida Groves

Florida’s citrus industry is grappling with the most serious threat in its history: a bacterial disease with no cure that has infected all 32 of the state’s citrus-growing counties.

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Replanting the Rust Belt

The American food revolution has come to cities like Toledo, Cleveland, Akron and Pittsburgh.

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Gov. Shumlin announces 20 grantees of Working Lands Enterprise

Gov. Peter Shumlin, Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross, Forest, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder and the Working Lands Enterprise Board today announced the first round of grant recipients from the “Enterprise Investment Area” of the Working Lands Enterprise Fund, with almost $220,000 awarded to 20 grantees representing sectors across agriculture, forestry and forest products.

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Undocumented Workers Seeking Driving Rights Victorious in Key House Vote

"Undocumented immigrants in Vermont won the right to drive on Tuesday, after a charged House vote ended a vigorous political push by migrant farmers and their advocates which lasted two years."

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Chicago Puts a Sticker on it

"The Windy City is about to roll out a new local food label designed to support the city’s burgeoning urban farming movement. “Chicago Grown” will soon appear on signs around the city and on stickers on fruit, veggies, herbs, and honey, and eventually on processed items in which they’re included, such as salsa, jams, and even kombucha."

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169-Acre Farm for Sale

VLT seeks a buyer for a farm in Dummerston, Vermont, priced at $375,000.

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Governor Shumlin Announces 20 Grantees of Working Lands Enterprise

The Working Lands Enterprise Board announced the first round of grant recipients from the “Enterprise Investment Area” of the Working Lands Enterprise Fund.

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Do Flatlander Cows Count as Vermont-Raised Meat?

"On Saturday, LaPlatte River Angus Farm owner Jim Kleptz will travel to the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction to attend a cattle auction. For Kleptz, the semiannual event is the best place to secure the volume of steers he needs to meet the growing demand in Vermont for local beef.

Most of those cattle, which are between six months and a year and a half old, hail from Vermont farms. But others are coming from New York or New Hampshire and will be fattened up — aka “finished” — in Vermont before being slaughtered and sold as “local” meat."

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