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High Bionutrient Crop Production Workshop for Gardeners, Homesteaders, and Farmers

Montpelier City Hall, 39 Main St.
Montpelier, VT

Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association is presenting a two-part workshop on growing high quality, nutrient dense foods. Part 1 is Saturday, Nov. 19 and Part 2 is Saturday, March 18 (both at Montpelier City Hall).

The workshop teaches basic principles and practices to grow higher quality crops — better taste, pest and disease resilience, longer shelf life, and higher levels of nutrients beneficial to our health and well-being. Participation-based with questions and answers, the workshop is designed for gardeners, homesteaders, farmers, and growers of any type to learn current research and proven methods, and go step-by-step through the processes that will lead to optimum crop health and sustained yield.

The course begins with an analysis of participants' soil tests, and a discussion of recommended soil amendments and cover crops to address soil health deficiencies. Dan follows with a number of topics and themes related to helping plants achieve their full genetic potential through management of the environmental factors of soil, air, water, minerals and biodiversity. In day two, held in March 2017, participants review plant nutritional needs by growth stage and learn an array of troubleshooting and diagnostic approaches to guide you throughout the growing season. (click here for detailed syllabus)

Each session consists of a classroom-style discussion and illustrative examples. Registrants are asked to procure their own soil tests prior to the course, and instructions for interpreting those will be covered during the workshop.

The course fee is only $200 for two full days of instruction. Limited additional scholarships are available. To apply, go

Learn more about the workshop and register here:

To get a taste of Dan’s work, here’s the recording of Dan’s Sept. 28 talk in Montpelier, with thanks to ORCA Media and videographer John Jose: