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Groundswell: Community Conversations about Land Use, Livelihood, Food, and the Future of Vermont

16 Sterling Dr.
Craftsbury Common, VT

Rural Vermont Brings Groundswell to Craftsbury Common:
Community Conversations about Land Use, Livelihood, Food, and the Future of Vermont

Rural Vermont will present “Groundswell”, a statewide community conversation tour on April 26th at Sterling College, Simpson 3, located at 16 Sterling Dr. The event is from 5:30-8:30pm, free, and open to all. RSVP and apply for farmer and childcare stipends at or (802)223-7222.

Rural Vermont’s Community Conversation Tour will engage communities in dialogue about land use, livelihood, food, and the future of Vermont. At each of the Tour stops, Rural Vermont farmer-leaders and staff will present a vision for an agricultural economy in Vermont that delivers health and vitality to farmer, eater, soil, environment, and community alike.

Attendees will be invited to identify priorities, barriers, and pathways to systemic change at the individual, community, and statewide levels. Rural Vermont will use the results from all Tour events to shape its plan for moving Vermont towards this shared visionfor a just agriculture and economy which serve all Vermonters and the land we inhabit.

At the Craftsbury gathering, local host Meghan Stotko of Heartwood Farm in S. Albany will welcome attendees. The community conversation will be punctuated by a light dinner, along with live music during the breaks. Farmer and childcare stipends are available, on a limited basis, to make it easier for farmers and families to participate.

Rural Vermont recognizes the urgency of the crises we face and envisions a future where Vermont farmers thrive while nourishing their communities with nutrient-dense food grown from healthy animals and living soils, where profits stay local and support small businesses, where farmers are incentivized to adopt regenerative practices that sequester carbon and fight climate change, and where every Vermonter can determine what food is best for their family to eat.

The time has come to transition Vermont’s agricultural economy to one in which success is not measured solely in gallons, pounds, or dollars extracted from the land, but also by the health and vitality of all its stakeholders: Farmers, consumers, businesses, crops, animals, and soils. We cannot wait for Washington or Montpelier to begin this transition; we must act now to create a vibrant future for all. 

Rural Vermont’s “Groundswell” is made possible with lead support from Action Circles and Chelsea Green Publishing; and additional support from Bob White Systems, the Farmhouse Group, Farm to Ballet, Geobarns, Grow More Waste Less, Hunger Mountain Co-op, Miss Weinerz, NOFA-VT, Rutland Area Farm & Food Link, The Skinny Pancake, Vermont Compost Company, Vote Hemp, and Weston A. Price Foundation.

For more information about Groundswell and to RSVP, call (802) 223-7222 or visit

Since 1985, Rural Vermont has been amplifying the voices of farmers and advocating for a fair food system through education, organizing, and advocacy.