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Holistic Livestock Husbandry

16 Sterling Drive
Craftsbury Common, VT

Holistic Livestock Husbandry both highlights tried and true management techniques and exploring new directions for managing the small diversified livestock farm for healthy, contented livestock.  The course looks at how farm infrastructure, feeding regimens, animal handling, and management decisions impact the health of the whole system—livestock, landscape, people, markets, and community.  For two days, we will study different types of animals and observe how they interact with the landscape and facilities, using the Sterling Farm and livestock systems as a case study.  During another two of our days together, we will be joined by renowned holistic vet, Dr. Hubert Karreman, who will walk students through hands-on exercises, observations, and discussions, toward an in-depth understanding of how to build an effective and caring livestock health management system.

The class will also feature a single-day Master Class with Dr. Temple Grandin, animal scientist, researcher, and author, of several award-winning books on animal behavior and management, including the recently released, Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals: Safe, Humane Livestock Handling Practices for the Small Farm. Grandin will apply her groundbreaking approach to decoding animal behavior to small farms, identifying and addressing the special needs and challenges of these livestock operations. Grandin’s fascinating explanations of how herd animals think—describing their senses, fears, instincts, and memories— and methods for analyzing their behavior will help you handle your livestock more safely and effectively.

This course offers an opportunity to learn from some of the most acclaimed figures in humane livestock management in an applied manner and small farm setting.