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Charcuterie: Artisanal Preparation & Preservation of Meat

16 Sterling Drive
Craftsbury Common, VT

This five-day course provides students with the practical and scientific knowledge needed to create artisanal meat products at home or in a small-scale professional setting. Students will learn the fundamentals of processing, salting, fermenting, and curing meats from a variety of animals. Emphasis will be placed on tying microbiological knowledge to hands-on skills in the broader context of food safety and state and federal regulations. After covering the history of the craft, students will learn to process meat with respect and confidence by working with the whole animal and wasting as little as possible. Students will learn to read a carcass and connect methods of livestock rearing and feeding, as well as the conditions of humane slaughter, to the resulting product. Renowned Vermont chef and butcher Jules Guillemette will guide the class throughout this intensive, regardful study. Jules will first demonstrate and then guide focused hands-on sessions to make sausage, bacon, pâté, rillettes, and more. The course will touch on the principles of dry curing and aging to prepare students for further study of those topics outside of class.  As a special treat, Jules might even graciously share some Quebecois family recipes. The program also includes visits to Vermont producers and purveyors of fine meats, including Beau, Jules’s new and acclaimed butcher shop with a Prohibition-era bar and European-style delicatessen.