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Soil Health for Profitability & Resilience

Fairmont Farm- 783 S. Albany Road
Craftsbury, VT

Soil organic matter increases resilience of soils and cropping systems against the impacts of climatic variability and extreme events. Richard Hall, owner of Fairmont Dairy, has seen this over the years trying different corn silage and haylage cropping systems such as reduced till, no-till, crop rotations and cover crop on over 300 acres and will share with us his experiences and the effects on his production and management. Charlotte Rosendahl, Agronomist & Director of Sterling Colleges Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems, will discuss the science of soil organic matter. Josh Faulkner, UVM Farming & Climate Change Coordinator, will address the impacts of climate change on Vermont agriculture and how increased soil organic matter can be a strategy for resilience, profitability and will demonstrate this using the rain fall simulator.