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Introduction to Brewing Beer with Fresh Hops at Scott Farm

707 Kipling Road
Dummerston, VT

Scott Farm and Master Brewer Thomas Coleman are pleased to host an introductory class on homebrewing. Participants will visit Scott Farm's hop yard, see how hops are grown, harvest them fresh for the class, and learn about the steps necessary to make delicious extract/partial mash beer at home. The class also also covers evaluating craft beer styles and homebrewing.

Topics will include:
-Secrets to making professional tasting homebrew.
-How malt, hops and yeast affect beer flavor and how to select the right ones for your beer.
-What basic equipment is necessary.
-How to properly sanitize, use and store equipment.
-How to set up the brewing area.
-The difference between basic beer styles.
-How to brew a basic extract recipe.
-How to properly bottle and store.
-Necessary basic safety procedures to follow in a brewery environment.

Thomas will address questions about beer you have made in the past that came out good, bad or somewhere in between and discuss what might have gone right or wrong. Course participants will be given printed reference materials. Class is also offered on Sat, Sept 9 from 10-2pm. The cost is $50. Register at