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Farming the Woods

16 Sterling Drive
Craftsbury Common, VT

Any practice combining forest management and crop production is considered agroforestry, but only a few possible ventures have the knowledge, technology, and markets that support profitability on a wide range of landscapes. This course will offer you skills to sustainably care for your woodlot and focus on log-grown mushrooms, tree saps and syrups, and silvopasture (grazing animals in the forest) as three of the best options for both the homestead and farm scale. Almost any forested land is suitable for one or more of these practices. This course is highly engaging and hands-on, with lots of practical information and the tools to get started at home.

Day 1 - Assessing Tree Health and Tree Removal

Day 2 - Tapping Trees (maple, birch, walnut & more) and Mushroom Inoculation (shitake, oyster, lions mane & more)

Day 3 - Silvopasture

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