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Diesel and Gas Engine Mechanics

VTC, 1 admin drive
Randolph Center, VT

This 3 day training is a broad introduction to all gasoline and diesel engines, with the goal of demystifying them. Starting with the parts that make up an engine and the overall theories of how an internal combustion engine works and progressing to identifying parts of actual engines commonly found on a farm and learning maintenance tasks, basic repairs, and troubleshooting theory. There will be classroom discussion as well as hands-on work on actual engines. Most work will be done on small simple engines, but connections to larger more complicated engines will be discussed and work will be done on common diesel tractors and other diesel machinery will be discussed as well.

Day 1 will focus on Gas Engines

Day 2 will focus in Diesel Engines 

Day 3 Participants are welcome to bring engines with issues for 'show and tell" and the class will work on them.

At the end of this training, a participant should be able to indentify parts and discuss engines with more confidence, and will leave with the ability to perform basic repair and maintenance tasks correctly on their own engines and machinery.


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