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Forgotten Foods: A Wild Approach to Reimagined Foods from the Field, Farm and Forest

16 Sterling Drive
Craftsbury Common, VT

Investigate topics of food waste and food insecurity while learning how to craft creative dishes from wildcrafted and gleaned foods. Food activist and culinary maven, Ren Weiner joins ethnobotanist Laura Beebe to lead this eye opening adventure into the world of forgotten foods from the field, farm, and forest.

On our three day journey, you will gain the skills to identify, forage and process wild invasive plants, glean overlooked and under-loved farm produce and discover how to use these foods to make sought after culinary delights. Ren will teach you the basics of sourdough starters, fermentation, and other ageless ways to provide creative culinary dishes out of inexpensive and underutilized local foods. 

Please visit the course webpage for more information or to register!