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Spring Tonic Medicine Making & Herb Walk

1611 Harbor Road, Farm Barn
Shelburne, VT

Our farm landscapes are not only capable of producing nourishing foods, but also powerful plant-based medicines from weeds, cover crops, ornamental gardens, forests, and backyards. This “weed walk” will introduce participants to medicinal plants commonly found on different parts of the Vermont farm landscape and invites participants to engage in deepening the local food movement by incorporating nature-based local medicine as part of a resilient food system. Participants will help gather and process some of the herbs into classic tonic recipes traditionally featured in the spring. This program is offered in partnership with RAILYARD Healing Center & Burlington Herb Clinic.

Guido Masé RH(AHG) is a clinician and educator in the Western herbal tradition. He spent his childhood in Italy and has been living in Vermont since 1996. His practice interweaves clinical experience, mythology, and science.  He is chief herbalist at Urban Moonshine Natural Products, clinician at the Burlington Herb Clinic, faculty member and clinical supervisor at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, teacher in herbal medicine at the University of Vermont, and author of The Wild Medicine Solution.

Katherine Elmer grew up in the green hills of Central Vermont and revels in the opportunity to connect with clients around a shared love of place and nature through whole foods nutrition and herbal medicine. She views clinical herbalism as an opportunity to partner with others in a healing journey towards peace with oneself and the world. Ultimately, she seeks to empower clients to develop (or rediscover) their own self-care strategies. Katherine is trained to work with medical doctors and other wellness practitioners to provide you with client-centered care.  In partnership with others, she hopes to participate in a system of healthcare wherein primary care is Nature-based and practiced in the home; the tools of conventional high-tech medicine serve as secondary resources; and the herbalist acts as a bridge between the two.  Katherine teaches Herbal Medicine and advises the Student Herbalism Club at the University of Vermont.  She also participates in UVM’s Program in Integrative Health. In addition to her efforts as a clinically-trained Community Herbalist, Katherine is co-founder of Spoonful Herbals, she is a childbirth mentor (Birthing from Within), and a mom.

Fee: $20 / person

Registration is required. Purchase tickets through Shelburne Farms.