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Management Intensive Grazing for the Diversified Farm

341 Macintosh Hill Rd
Bethel, VT

Cost: $70 per person, $130 for 2 people

Includes handout and digital material

Management Intensive Grazing, also known as ‘Rational Grazing’, is a form of grazing management that can improve pasture forage yields, improve feed quality, increase plant species diversity, improve livestock performance, build organic matter & soil nutrient levels, and increase the biological life in your soil. By taking weather, biology, ecology, livestock management, and technology (ie electric fencing, water systems) into consideration you can make your grazing system a success on your farm.

This class will provide instruction for setting up a successful grazing system on a diversified farm, using poultry, horses, cows, sheep, goats and/or pigs. Participants will be introduced to fencing & water system designs, and movable structures for hogs, poultry, and small ruminants, and will learn how to determine daily feed needs of various types of livestock.

This class is also appropriate if you have only one type of livestock and want to manage your pastures well. 

Class content will include
  • Introduction to Management Intensive Grazing: the how & why
  • Goal Setting – determining the ideal pasture system for you and your livestock
  • Planning for the whole growing season using maps and a grazing chart
  • Calculating livestock feed needs
  • Multi Species Grazing
  • Plant identification
  • Extending the Grazing Season

Participants should come away with all the information that they need to set up a realistic grazing system for their farm.

Contact Lisa McCrory to register or to learn more. 802-234-5524 or

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