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Livestock Profitability School in Vermont

Are you looking to increase your farm's profitability? Are you ready to look at your business with a fresh perspective, challenge some things you currently do and have the time to explore need ideas? If so, we are bringing that opportunity to your doorstep.  

Dave Pratt and his Ranching for Profit School (RFP) are bringing the leading livestock profitability business school to Burlington, Vermont, February 3-9, 2019Register now (space is limited).

This one-week course aims to help you find the breakthroughs that will increase your profitability, improve the health and productivity of your farming operation, and improve your quality of life. The school is designed for all types of pasture-based livestock farming (beef, sheep, dairy, etc.), and is appropriate for all regions and farm sizes. This is not a school focused on production practices, but rather an intense business school focused on looking at your farm business and what could make it more profitable. This opportunity is meant for farmers serious about investing in their businesses. 

This intense course runs from Sunday night to Saturday afternoon. Participants must stay on-site to avoid home distractions and to take advantage of individual consultations that happen outside of class hours. The cost is $2,750 for the first person from a farm and $2,000 for each additional person (multiples are encouraged since team members learning together are more likely to be successful). 

Ready to take your farm to the next step? 
Register now (space is limited)

Know a livestock producer serious about the profitability of their business? 
The experience will be stronger if we engage more participants from across New England and beyond so please forward this to any livestock producer you think would be a good fit for this opportunity. 

Interested in learning more?  

·         Sign up for RFP’s Profit Tips (at no charge)

·         Watch the Ranching4Profit YouTube  

·         Read The Grass Whisperer Troy Bishop’s article on the one-day workshop held in Vermont

Why is Ranching for Profit coming to Vermont? 
Stakeholders in Vermont have recognized that more support is needed if we want to grow the pasture-based beef industry in both Vermont and across the Northeast. By supporting the profitability of individual farms, we can strengthen and grow the whole region for the betterment of consumers and farmers. Farmers across the country have praised the intensive Ranching for Profit School offered by Dave Pratt of Ranch Management Consultants. The school is appropriate for farms of varying sizes and livestock farmers of differing types (dairy, sheep, beef, etc.). 

Have questions? 
Contact Jenn Colby at 802-535-7606 or
Pasture Program Coordinator, UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Don’t forget to sign up for RFP’s Profit Tips!
(it’s free and the tips/information are excellent)

Are you a Vermont beef producer? 
Contact the for available beef producer scholarships and VSJF beef producer grants associated with this event.