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Wild Roots Farm Spring Homestead Weekend

195 Harvey Road
Bristol, Vt

Saturday, April 6 we will be joined by Nico Rubin from East Hill Tree Farm (bench and top work grafting),  Buzz Ferver from Perfect Circle Farm (plant propagation), John Hayden from the Farm Between (hands-on fruit tree and berry bush pruning).   Scion Swap is on Saturday only, bring some cuttings you wish to trade (apple, pear, plum, ribes, elderberry). Rootstock, grafting tape and grafting knives will be available if you do not have any.

Sunday, April 7 we will be joined by Katherine Elmer from Spoonful Herbals (mushroom medicine), Emily French from Sweetgrass Herbals (herbal spring tonics) and Jon Turner from Wild Roots Farm (mushroom cultivation)

Bring a Dutch oven dish, some cider and a banjo or two.  We will be outside as well as in a large high tunnel. Dress appropriately for weather.  Bareroot and potted plants will be available for sale from Nico, Buzz and John, so check out their websites and get excited for tree planting season.

The gathering will run from 930-200 each day. Cost is $10 for one day, $15 for both. Proceeds are split among instructors and Wild Roots Farm Programs.

For more information contact Jon at

We look forward to seeing you on the farm.