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Workforce & Talent Summit: Part of the Six Pillar Conference Series

60 Battery Street
Burlington, VT

The Vermont Workforce & Talent Summit is the inaugural event in the Vermont Chamber’s Six Pillar Conference Series focused on promoting the long-term economic health of our state and providing opportunity for Vermonters. This event will provide tools to support talent recruitment and retention strategies which are essential to business growth and require partnerships between employers, educators, training providers, and government. The people, skills and training that power the economy today and the challenge of ensuring a new workforce generation will be at the heart of this event.

Partners for this event include the Vermont State Workforce Development Board, the Vermont Department of Labor, Advance Vermont, and the Vermont Futures Project.

Please welcome our Keynote, Brooks Harper! Brooks is the premier College and Career Readiness and Soft Skills Speaker in America!  He provides Keynotes, Workshops, and Training Material for students and professionals helping them discover, develop, market and sell their talents, skills and abilities that bring tangible value to the market place. He connects-the-dots between today's decisions and tomorrow's college and career options.  Brooks draws from 15 years of leadership experience in Corporate America to invest in and inspire our current and future workforce! 

The Workforce & Talent Summit has space for 12 Vermont Organizations to showcase their programs that can assist business owners with workforce issues. These table tops are for members only, include one conference pass, and are purchasable during registration. 

Registration is now open! To view seminar descriptions, click here.


Seminar #4 from 1:30 - 2:15 pm will feature the Farm to Plate Network's Exploring Food System Careers.

Resources to Enhance Career Pathways Development

Speakers: Advance Vermont: Roxanne Vought, McClure Foundation: Carolyn Weir, VT Farm to Plate Network: Sarah Danly

In order to meet workforce demand, Vermonters need to know which jobs are available in their communities, and where they can acquire the required skills. They also need to be able to envision themselves along a career pathway: from where they are now to employment in a desired career, and beyond. But there is wide variation in industry needs, in educational contexts, and between individual job seekers, which requires multiple approaches to career exploration. This breakout session will focus on newly released resources that guide Vermonters from inspiration to occupation. We’ll learn about both cross-sector and sector-specific resources, through the McClure Foundation’s Pathways to Promising Careers and the Farm to Plate Network’s Exploring Food System Careers. As a group, we will examine the appropriate context for each of these approaches and identify which gaps in our state workforce development system could be addressed through these tools and whether additional tools may be needed. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of existing career pathways resources, an understanding of the process of developing a sector-specific resource, and be exposed to an example from Future Ready Iowa which, if implemented, could further build existing and new resources here in Vermont.

Registration is now open: