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Hands On: Prune, Pinch, Trellis and Support in the Garden

2408 Shelburne Falls Road
Hinesburg, VT

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn trellising techniques for peas, tomatoes, pole beans, and more. We will also go over proper pruning of tomatoes, which depends on the trellising methods used, so that you will maximize yields and help your plants stay as healthy as possible all season long. Air flow, keeping plants off the ground, and allowing plants to grow well are keys to a successful garden and make all the difference between a frustrating and a bountiful experience.

In the flower gardens around Red Wagon, we will also demonstrate ways to prune perennials and pinch annuals to create strong growth with lots of blossoms. We have timed this workshop so that you will leave with the knowledge to make your garden productive and beautiful right away. There is always lots of pruning and trellising to be done in mid-June, and it is the perfect time to pinch perennials and annuals for maximum summer and fall blooms.

As always with Red Wagon workshops, we will serve a light lunch, and we seek to make this a fun learning environment full of fellow plant lovers. Sign up with a friend and make an outing of it! 

$30 fee includes refreshments, handouts, tool demo, and practice time in the garden.

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