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Farm to Medicine Cabinet Plant Walk with Susan Staley at Shelburne Farms

1611 Harbor Road, Farm Barn
Shelburne, VT

Back by popular demand, our Farm to Medicine Cabinet series returns to the Farm this summer! The farm landscapes are capable of so much more than the first meets the eye: they produce nourishing foods, but also give us powerful plant-based medicines from weeds, cover crops, ornamental gardens, forests, and backyards. This “weed walk” will introduce you to medicinal plants commonly found on different parts of Vermont’s working lands, deepen your appreciation of the local food movement, and introduce you to nature-based, local medicine as part of a resilient food system.

SUSAN STALEY is a joyful witness to the ways in which plants support her communities and humanity at large. Recognizing this relationship with plants offers us valuable insight into the possibility for transformation and greater health. As a community and clinical herbalist, Susan works to bring people and plants closer together. Her lifelong engagement with whole-food nutrition and creative pursuits lead her to Vermont, where in 2008 she began to study and celebrate the ancient art and science of herbal medicine. Susan completed training at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in the practices of Family & Clinical care. She values the environment of the herbal clinic for the safety it offers people to explore more deeply their life’s journey of health and how the plants can meet them on that journey. Susan continues to study and discover the depth of working with plants to support people (and our planet) at this dynamic time on earth. You can find her in both the clinic and the classroom at the Burlington Herb Clinic.

$15 per person. Register here.