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Regenerative Retail: Seminar for Stores, Farm-Stores & Distributors

Norwich Inn 325 S. Main Street
Norwich, VT

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September 11

  • On-farm experience and tour of Cedar Circle Farm.
  • Cultivating dynamic local programs that work for retailers and farmers using tools and ideas from around that country.
  • Understanding the relationships in the power of purchasing; the value in buying vs. ordering.
  • A conversation with The Real Organic Project.
  • Local Perspectives; distribution insights with Upper Valley Produce and the Green Mountain Farm Direct Food Hub.
  • Engaging staff in new ways for across the board success.
  • Will Allen: A Farmer’s Quest Connecting Soil & Personal Health.
  • A fun end of the day activity that will tie it all together

September 12

  • Upper Valley Produce warehouse tour and continental breakfast.
  • Cultivating a fresh experience through knowledge & training.
  • Creating WOW! merchandizing that lasts.
  • Plan-o-grams that maintain consistency to your creativity.
  • Maximizing your return on investment in a department of awesome displays.
  • Sustainable operations; building greater staff engagement with sustainable time management and mutual accountability.
  • The Language of Flavor - a whole new way to inspire staff and engage customers that will set you apart from the competition.
  • Navigating the complexities of the commodity culture.
  • Embracing our role in building the organic marketplace of the future.
  • Bringing it back home.
Plus a whole lot of activities that will fuel your imagination and inspire your team when you get back to the store.
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