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115 State St
Montpelier, Vt

October 17-19 Action: Montpelier

Climate Encampment: Youth, Migration and Agriculture

What: Occupy State House lawn with youth and agricultural encampment 10/17-19

The climate crisis is bringing extreme weather events that impact economic and food systems in the global south. This has already resulted in migration that is becoming a humanitarian crisis. We know that food and economic systems in the global north will also be affected by extreme weather. Farming in the US has already been impacted by weather this year. 

Young people understand that our futures are at stake, and are working toward a just transition away from fossil fuels that includes a focus on front line communities including immigrants. We need to create local food systems in our communities to address food and economic security for those who live here and for those who are seeking refuge. 

In this action we would spend two days living on the State House lawn, bringing in livestock, local plants and food, inviting speakers to talk about regenerative agriculture, migration and community resilience, and using civil disobedience to demand a just transition and an end to fossil fuels. This is a disruptive action in which we take over a space reserved for a government that has not yet listened to our demand for a liveable future. 

Why: focus attention on 

  • Climate Crisis (displacement, disruption, food security, economic collapse)
  • Migrant crisis (fueled by climate crisis)
  • Regenerative Ag (return to commons, local food source, regenerative caring society, just transition)
  • Extinction Rebellion Fall actions


  • Youth and agricultural encampment (all welcome)
  • Farmers provide food. 
  • Performers and speakers 
    • Migrant justice

    • Musicians

    • etc


  • Tent encampment set up and inhabited by youth (and allies) (Thursday and Friday nights)
  • Farmers bring in livestock, composting center, native plantings
  • Youth Climate Strike on Friday
  • Workshops on Friday: agriculture, migrant justice, re-skilling, scientists, etc
  • Evening community dinner with bands and dance party both nights 
  • Art builds
  • Adults prep and serve food 
  • Faith communities provide support in form of food, resources
  • Break camp, with all cleaned up on afternoon of 10/19