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Food Sovereignty Assembly

20 Elm Street
Milford, NH

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During the Assembly, we will ground ourselves in our history, hear from attendees about the work they are doing to advance food sovereignty, and explore a contextual analysis of food sovereignty in the Northeast through analyzing trends, forces, and opportunities. Attendees will hear about how feminism intersects with food sovereignty, and work together to create a shared work plan for our region.


Food sovereignty is a movement growing from the bottom up, from the farmers, fishers, indigenous peoples and landless workers most impacted by global hunger and poverty. Food sovereignty goes well beyond ensuring that people have enough food to meet their physical needs. It asserts that people must reclaim their power in the food system by rebuilding the relationships between people and the land, and between food providers and those who eat. First framed by the international peasant movement La Via Campesina at the World Food Summit in 1996, food sovereignty is rooted in the ongoing global struggles over control of food, land, water, and livelihoods.


The 6 principles of food sovereignty are: 

  • Focuses on Food for People

  • Values Food Providers

  • Localizes Food System

  • Puts Control Locally

  • Builds Knowledge and Skills


Read more about the 6 Principles of Food Sovereignty here.