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10th Annual Farm to Plate Network Gathering

This year’s Gathering may be virtual, but it’s no less important! This year marks a period of transition with the closing of the first 10 years of Farm to Plate and the beginning of the next ten years. Together as a Network we’ll get a first glimpse at the next 10-year strategic plan – it’s vision, goals, and objectives – and in breakout sessions dive into priority issues that have emerged through stakeholder engagement and public input to determine the ways in which we’ll collaboratively work together to bring our shared vision to fruition. We’ll also hear stories of adaptation and transition in the food system during Covid, and reflect on what we can learn and apply from them to the next decade of food system development.


The Gathering will be held Thursday, November 12 from 12:30pm-5pm and Friday, November 13 from 9am-12pm, and will be hosted virtually.  Links to sessions will be sent to you prior to the Gathering via email. There is a flat fee of $30 to register for the Gathering regardless of number of sessions/days attended. We’re offering to cover the registration fee for farmers, food workers, or food business owners who need assistance with registration costs. Please click here to apply for a scholarship to cover the registration fee. If you are applying for a scholarship, please do not register until you hear from our Farm to Plate Staff.


Registration is now OPEN!  You can Register for the 2020 Farm to Plate Gathering Here.


The following agenda is subject to slight changes:


Gathering Agenda Day One


12:30-12:50pm: Opening remarks


·        Stakeholder process results and sharing of vision


12:50-1:00pm Transition Break/Trivia


1:00-2:25pm: Plenary Panel – Stories of adaptation and transition, and what they say about the future of our food system


  • 4 food system stories (50 min- 1hr)
  • Questions and discussion (25-35 min)


2:25-2:45pm: Transition Break/Trivia


2:45-5pm: Breakout Sessions


  • Addressing Systemic Racism and Racial Equity in the Food System
  • Creating a Climate and Environmentally Resilient Food System
  • Farm Succession, Future Farmers, and Securing the Working Landscape
  • Strengthening our Regional Food Security and Increasing Food Access For All
  • Wholesale & Regional Market Development – Addressing the Intersection of Consumer Demand, Marketing, and Distribution to Access Major Metro Markets


Gathering Agenda Day Two


9-9:30: Welcome back, opening remarks, harvest reflections from day 1


9:30am-9:45am Transition Break - trivia


9:45-12 Breakout Sessions


  • The Future of Dairy – Cows, Goats, Cheese, Markets, and the Environment
  • Pathways to Diversification - Growing Our Ag-Portfolio through Technical Assistance, Supply Chain Development, Policy, and Financing
  • The Future of Direct Sales – Securing Strong Foundations and Nurturing New Beginnings
  • The Next Decade of Ag & Food System Literacy and Education
  • The Ties that Bind: Forging New Connections Between Vermont Farmers and the Vermont Value-added Food Industry
  • Building Coalitions Beyond the Food System – Healthcare, Childcare, Racial Equity, and Workforce Development